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I am 
Ching-Min Tseng,
a designer specializing in

User Experience and Interface Design.

Some of the companies I have designed for
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Selected UX Works
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Website, 2022


Human-Computer Interaction, IUPUI

INFO-H541 Interaction Design Practice
Role in Project: Research & UX Design


Desktop App, 2018

Gaming Control Center

Mechrevo, Tongfang

Role in Project: UI/UX



Website, 2018

Customize Laptop Platform

Mechrevo, Tongfang

Role in Project: GUI

BTO is a website where you can customize your laptop, from hardware inside to what it looks at the look outside.


UI Concept Design, 2017

the Machenic

Mechrevo, Tongfang
Role in Project: UI& GUI

the Mechanic is an innovative professional gaming center design that integrates physical hardware components and virtual information. Through this integration interface, users can easily comprehend the overall system status and set up parameters.

Some project in Industrial Product Design
工作區域 6.png

Product Design, 2015

floating bubble

Self-authored Project

Furniture Design

2015-Yodex, Taiwan


Product Design, 2015

Easy Cooker

self-authored projects

Industry-academy cooperation project with Tatung Co.


2015- Yodex​, Taiwan

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