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I'm Ching-Min Tseng (曾敬閔), a User Experience Designer from Taiwan, with over seven years of experience crafting interfaces that connect with users worldwide. Rooted in a profound understanding of human-tech interaction, I create innovative, user-centric designs. Currently, I'm enhancing my expertise with a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at IUPUI and applying my skills as a UX Design Intern at Ansys, focusing on improving product accessibility and refining the Ansys Design Language.

Actively involved in academic and community leadership roles at IUPUI, I'm a Research Assistant exploring human-AI hybrid educational systems, a Graduate Student Ambassador, and the President of the Taiwanese Students Association, all while nurturing a passionate community.

I am actively seeking a full-time UX role in the U.S., ready to contribute my diverse skill set and fresh insights to a dynamic team.


Beyond the world of pixels and design principles, my life is enriched by passions and daily rituals that keep me grounded and inspired:

Cat Parent

My life is joyfully shared with Mochi, a spirited 6-month-old boy cat. From his playful antics to his love for treats and naps in the cat tree, Mochi brings laughter and warmth into my days. His favorite toy, the Cat Dancer, keeps us both entertained. I love capturing his moments through doodles, which I'm excited to share here!

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IMG_9596 2.HEIC

The art of baking bread serves as my therapy, a ritual I delve into every week or two. The process, from kneading dough to the aroma of freshly baked goods, is a source of solace and joy. My repertoire includes cakes and cookies, each bake a celebration of flavors and textures.

Coffee Enthusiast

Mornings in my home begin with brewing a latte. Freshly ground beans and oat milk combine to create the perfect start to my day, fueling my creativity and focus.


The discipline of weightlifting is a testament to the strength and progress I seek in all areas of life. Deadlifting, my favorite, symbolizes the challenges I'm eager to lift and overcome.

“The designer does not, as a rule, begin with some preconceived idea.
Rather, the idea should be the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.”

-Paul Rand

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