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Ching-Min Tseng

Ching-Min Tseng is a Product Designer with over six years of experience in product and UI design for tech companies in Taiwan. She has a solid background in collaborating with people from different professions and countries to accomplish multiple interface designs for customers worldwide. In her previous role, Ching-Min established a new design guideline that housed more than 150 applications and helped the design team reduce working hours and improve consistency on projects.

Currently, Ching-Min is pursuing her Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at IUPUI. She is also working as a research assistant for Dr. Fawzi BenMessaoud on a human-AI hybrid teaching and learning system. With this opportunity, Ching-Min aims to gain in-depth knowledge of research through acquiring interdisciplinary perspectives and applying a broader range of qualitative research methods. Her ultimate goal is to innovate interactions between humans and technology through a comprehensive understanding of human behaviors.

In her past experience, she has worked on several projects such as design system for QTS 5.0, UI of Security Center and QuFirewall at QNAP, web platform of Deep Learning Server System, health application for a health tracker, and interface of health hardware at Leadtek. Additionally, she has also worked on several mobile applications and graphic designs as a freelancer.

“The designer does not, as a rule, begin with some preconceived idea.
Rather, the idea should be the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.”

-Paul Rand

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