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Gaming Control Center

Built-in Desktop App for Mechrevo

Mechrevo, Tongfang Hong Kong, Uniewill Technology


Scotty Chen, Nicolas Chen, Ching-Min Tseng

Role in Project

ResearchCompetitive Analysis, Information Architecture, Research, User Experience, Interface Design, Prototyping


12 weeks

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Project Overview

Enhancing Gaming Experiences with Mechrevo's Gaming Control Center

Mechrevo is a renowned gaming computer brand that is dedicated to providing gamers around the world with exceptional gaming experiences. Our focus is on delivering outstanding performance and user-friendly features that take gaming to new heights. One of our flagship offerings is the Gaming Control Center, an integrated application that empowers gamers with complete control over their gaming rig. With the Gaming Control Center, users can effortlessly access comprehensive system information, customize performance settings, and optimize their gaming setup to suit their unique preferences. We understand that every gamer has distinct needs, and our Gaming Control Center enables you to fine-tune your settings for the ultimate gaming experience.

Problem Framing

Streamlining and Enhancing the Gaming Control Center for Mechrevo

As a gaming computer brand, Mechrevo aims to provide gamers with exceptional gaming experiences. However, before the introduction of the "Gaming Center," Mechrevo's hardware settings were scattered across multiple independent apps, lacking a cohesive visual appearance that aligns with professional gaming style. Our project goal was to consolidate these segmented functions into a centralized control app and define a consistent visual identity for our future products.


Competitive Analysis

Analyzing Competing Products and Brands - To inform our design process, we conducted a comprehensive benchmark analysis of similar products developed by other gaming brands on the market, including Asus, Acer, MSI, Alienware, and Razer. We examined their functions, information structure, and how they integrated their brand identity with their apps, identifying best practices and areas for improvement.

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Directions of Improvement

Integrating Functions, Providing Clear System Information, and Enhancing User Experience-To enhance the Gaming Control Center, we identified several key directions for improvement. First, we aimed to integrate all functions into one central place, providing a consistent and streamlined user experience. Currently, Mechrevo's settings are spread across multiple apps, such as MyFan, MyColorWizard, MySystem, MyKey, and MyMacroKey, which can be confusing for users. We recommended consolidating these functions into one unified app for ease of use.

Second, we aimed to provide clear and comprehensive system information. Checking the system status is a common scenario for gamers, but the real-time system information in MyAPP1.0 was scattered across different apps. We proposed combining all system information into one central location to make it easily accessible for users.

Third, we aimed to separate the basic mode and advanced mode for users. In the basic mode, users should be able to switch between different hardware performance modes with just one click for simplicity. In the advanced mode, expert users should have the ability to manually set their hardware settings for more customization.

Lastly, we aimed to restructure the app based on user needs. Some settings in MyAPP1.0 affected each other, but were located in different apps, causing confusion for users. We recommended classifying functions based on user needs and integrating related information to improve the overall usability and user experience of the Gaming Control Center.

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Final Design
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Next Project

Concept Design

Mechrevo, Tongfang

Role in Project: UX Design

the Mechanic is an innovative professional gaming center design that integrates physical hardware components and virtual information. Through this integration interface, users can easily comprehend the overall system status and set up parameters.

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