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Gaming Control Center

Desktop App

Mechrevo, Tongfang
Role in Project: UI& GUI

Mechrevo is a gaming computer brand that aims to provide excellent playing experiences to gamers. With the built-in application, the Gaming Center, gamers can quickly acquire thorough system information, set and optimize performance.

Problem Framing

To start with, Mechrevo is a gaming computer brand that aims to provide excellent playing experiences to gamers. However, before “Gaming Center,” the hardware setting tools of Mechrevo were scattered into independent apps, and the visual appearance could not match well with professional gaming style. 

Our goal in this project was to place the segmented functions into a central controlling app and define the visual identity for our future products.


We searched for similar products developed by other gaming brands on the market, including Asus, Acer, MSI, Alienware and Razer, analyzed their functions and information structure, and how they integrated their brand identity with their apps.

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Directions of improvement
  1. Integrate all functions into one place to provide a consistent experience
    Current apps for setting:  MyFan, MyColorWizard, MySystem, MyKey, MyMacroKey, 
    Current apps for customer support:  MyOTA (drive management, mechanical wizard, online customer service, frequently asked questions)​

  2. Provide clear system information
    When users use gaming computers, the most used scenario is checking the system status.  However, the real-time system information of MyAPP1.0 was scattered in independent apps. We recommended combining all information into one place.

  3. Separate the basic mode and advanced mode
    In the basic mode, users can switch between different hardware performance modes in one click. In the advanced setting mode, allow expert users to set their hardware manually.

  4. Re-Instructure
    Some settings of MyAPP1.0 will affect each other, but they belong to different apps, which can easily confuse users. We recommended classifying the fuctions according to users’ needs, and integrating related information.

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Redesign UI

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